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TARSAP reference D. family with single-family house in Mariendorf

It was mainly about the children for us. Previously, we had been looking for a home of our own for four years until we found our property. We all quickly agreed, "This is what we want!" Then we bought it from TARSAP at the agreed-upon price. Basically, TARSAP handled the entire transaction for us. From A to Z. I already think they can help anyone. After all, TARSAP advised and helped us very, very well.
I wish everyone their own home!

TARSAP reference: Jutta D.

Jutta D. "Gentle redevelopment" in the Schillerkiez - old and new owners make common cause:
TARSAP contacted us "old owners" very quickly after the purchase, presented what they wanted to do and then developed the redevelopment plan collegially with us. What is very pleasant is that TARSAP did not "locust-rehabilitate." It sold to individuals who wanted to live and work here themselves. The house is a community project, not an investor project!

TARSAP reference: Manfred E., "My son thinks this is the place to go".

For us, the location very close to Tempelhofer Feld was decisive.
TARSAP has a very high level of expertise here because it knows the neighborhood very well. And it has developed its own, completely new concept: it markets old buildings as they are. That's why we bought two apartments and a roof blank that we can put together, design freely, expand - we're even building a south-facing terrace.
The further we get with the renovation, the more intensively we cooperate with TARSAP. TARSAP is always open to discussions.

TARSAP reference Uschi S. with condominium in Neukölln

I have been dreaming of my own home for a long time. Together with TARSAP, I found an old apartment that I can afford. What's especially great is that I was able to completely remodel my apartment according to my
I even have a say in how the whole house will be renovated and what it will look like later.
Of course, I had doubts if everything was as true as and what the TARSAP guys told me before and after the purchase....
But they kept all their promises!

TARSAP reference: Rainer R. with studio in Neukölln:

I have been looking for quite a while with moderate success until I came across TARSAP. They were the only ones who could implement my ideas at a fair price. The consultation was very competent and patient, which was great because I had no idea beforehand. In addition, I have always felt treated fairly. Even now I can call there anytime and always find a sympathetic ear.

TARSAP reference Carola N. unrented from stove heating - moved to warm Schöneberg apartment

When I heard about the sale of the house, I got really scared - I didn't know what would happen to me now. But everything went smoothly: TARSAP and I came to an agreement and I was even able to determine my own move-out date. Then TARSAP organized the complete move to my new apartment for me and also supported me financially. TARSAP really helped me a lot, I couldn't have done it all on my own. I found TARSAP to be very nice, helpful and accommodating. And I feel really comfortable and in good hands in my new apartment.

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